Thursday, August 4, 2011

Getting Juiced! Day 6

Welcome back everyone.  I've reached the morning of day 6 of my 7 day journey.  I feel so alive this morning!  Got some great sleep last night and had no hunger cravings at all before I turned out the lights.  I think that strawberry smoothie did the trick last night.

I have a long day of work ahead of me but I'm looking forward to it.  No time to get my morning stretching in to loosen this young man up so I'll have to go through my routine when I get back from work tonight.  On to today's menu...

Day 6


Pineapple, Peach, and Pear Juice
-  1/2 pineapple (cored)
-  2 peaches
-  2 pears

Before pic...

After pic...

This juice was delectable!  A great way to start off the morning.  It's the first drink I've made with pineapple which is one of my favorites.  I couldn't really taste the pears as much.  It was mostly pineapple and peach which turned out perfectly.  And the bonus was that this recipe made two full glasses and since I'm the only one juicing I got a double helping.


Blackberry - Kiwi Smoothie
-  1/4 whole pineapple (frozen and cubed)
-  1 cup frozen blackberries
-  1 kiwi
-  1 pear
-  1 handful spinach
-  1 cup almond milk

I was starving today by the time I took my lunch break at work. I had gone about 7 hours without anything but water and it took a toll on my hunger cravings.  Usually a glass of juice will at least calm the cravings down.  With that being said, this smoothie was even better tasting than it would have originally been.  If I had to make it over again I would've taken out the pear and substituted with a frozen banana instead.  I think the pear threw it off a bit.  But still a great meal none the less.  My energy level and mood have been excellent all day today so far.  I hope the evening brings the same.

Afternoon Snack

Cantaloupe, Carrot, and Strawberry Juice
-  1/2 cantaloupe
-  7 strawberries
-  2 carrots
-  1 green apple

Pre-construction pic...

Post construction pic...

I made this juice right after I got home from work to give me a boost so I could tackle my 30 minute yoga routine.  It was a good drink.  I'm glad I added the carrots to get some extra beta-carotene in today's menu.  Plus I have a lot of them left so I need to put them to good use.  The cantaloupe again was the main flavor so if you're a fan of cantaloupe then you'll like this drink.


Tomato, Carrot, Celery, and Lime Juice
-  2 tomatoes
-  1 carrot
-  1 lime
-  2 celery stalks



I was really looking forward to a tomato based juice tonight.  I hadn't made one at all up to this point in my fast so I gave it my best shot.  I barely tasted any tomato though.  The lime really overpowered this drink.  I probably would've used only half a lime if I could do it all over again.  This drink wasn't bad by any means.  It was a nice fresh, citrusy juice.  Probably a better juice for lunch than dinner but I enjoyed it all the same.

Overall day 6 was a pretty good day.  I felt alive and energized through much of the day.  Towards the evening I'm feeling alright.  I'm actually planning on heading to bed a little earlier tonight.  Being up at 5am to prepare half of my "meals" for the day has got me a little tuckered out at this stage.  One more day and then I've made it!

Update on my friend Pete... If you read my post from Day 1 then you saw a picture of my friend Pete and I at the beginning of my fast.  Pete had started a few days before me and had a goal of making it 9 days on almost all juice with only 2-3 smoothies mixed in each day for his fast.  It was his first juice fast.  He made it 7 1/2 days and lost a total of 8 pounds.  I think he deserves a big round of applause :)  He said the first couple of days were the worst but he felt good otherwise.  He said his energy levels weren't a problem throughout most of the fast either.  He feels great and said he might even try to do another week long fast in the near future.  Great job Pete!

A comment/question came in on my Day 5 post asking how much weight I've lost and how many calories I'm consuming each day.  As far as the calories go - I have no idea.  I'm not counting or keeping track but I would imagine it's 3-4 times less than what I normally consume.  I eat a lot of food on a daily basis... normally between 2,500 and 3,000 calories a day.  As for the weight loss I've only lost about 1.5 - 2 pounds so far (I weighed myself yesterday).  But remember that I started at my ideal healthy weight in the first place so I didn't think I'd lose that much in 7 days.  My goal was never to lose weight but only to make it through the entire challenge to see if I could do it.  So far so good!

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