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The Plant-Based Pharmacist's Favorite Recipe Sites

For approximately three years I've been writing on the science and health benefits of plant-based diets. This kind of information is very important for understanding why you should follow a plant-based diet. However, many people (especially newcomers to the plant-based world) are left wondering how to "do" a plant-based diet. They need ideas for meals and recipes to make it happen. To help with this, I've compiled my list (in no particular order) of favorite whole foods, plant-based recipe sites for you to check out. I hope you find them useful. Go ahead, indulge a little!

Whole Food, Plant-Based Recipe Sites

1) Straight Up Food - Cathy Fisher is a certified nutritionist who works closely with Dr. John McDougall providing cooking classes at the McDougall Program. She also currently teaches cooking classes at the True North Health clinic in Santa Rosa, CA. Her recipes avoid all animal products as well as oil, salt, and refined flours and sugars.

2) Happy Herbivore - Lindsay Nixon is the author of 3 books including The Happy Herbivore Cookbook. Her site includes fabulous whole food recipes with no added fats (including oil), refined flours, or sugars. She has a number of easy to make plant-based recipes to choose from.

3) Engine 2 Diet - Rip Esselstyn is a former world class professional triathlete. He's currently an Austin city firefighter. Rip wrote The Engine 2 Diet which focuses on plant-based nutrition to prevent and cure chronic diseases. His father is the famed Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. of the Cleveland Clinic who performed groundbreaking research on how to reverse heart disease with a whole foods, plant-based diet. Rip makes plant-based living MANLY. He has a number of All American mouthwatering meals with a healthy twist including sloppy joes, chili dogs, and mushroom stroganoff.

4) Forks Over Knives - This documentary was the blockbuster hit that brought plant-based living into the limelight. It features legendary researchers and clinicians including Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. The recipe site features whole foods recipes from a number of wonderful culinary experts that will have you wanting seconds again and again and again!

5) Dr. McDougall's Recipe Index - Dr. John McDougall is a game changer in the field of nutrition and medicine. He's been practicing for over 30 years using plant-based nutrition as a means to prevent and reverse chronic diseases in his patients. His recipe index is one of the largest I've ever seen in the plant-based world, and it's free! Dr. McDougall and his wife Mary promote a starch-based diet with lots of fruits and veggies added to it.

6) Plant-Powered Kitchen - Dreena Burton is the author of 4 vegan cookbooks including The Everyday Vegan. She has a number of delicious whole food recipes on her site including oil-free and gluten-free options as well.

7) The Blissful Chef - Christy Morgan is a vegan macrobiotic chef and author of Blissful Bites. She provides some incredible tasting whole food recipes with options for oil-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and raw meals.

8) The Chef and The Dietitian - Chef AJ and Plant-Based Dietitian Julieanna Hever have teamed up to provide some very entertaining and healthful videos on how to make easy, quick plant-based dishes. These two women are two of the best in the field of plant-based living. Chef AJ is the author of the book Unprocessed. Julieanna Hever is the author of the book The Complete Idiot's Guide to a Plant-Based Nutrition.

9) Plant-Based Katie Mae - Katie Mae is a long-time plant-based chef for the Dr. McDougall and True North Health programs. Her website offers whole foods, plant-based recipes with no added salt, sugar, or oil. No animal foods are used, and many recipes are gluten-free.

10) NutritionMD - This site is a great resource for consumers and healthcare providers to learn more about nutrition and health. Operated by the Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine this site offers all kinds of plant-based recipes for everyone's style and tastes.

11) Healthy Girl's Kitchen - Wendy's blog offers a refreshing set of recipes that she developed using Dr. Joel Fuhrman's nutritarian style eating. Wendy was once an overweight, compulsive eater on the Standard American Diet but now has reclaimed her health and her waisteline. Check out her site for some great whole foods recipes with no added fats!

12) T. Colin Campbell Foundation Recipe Index - Dr. T. Colin Campbell is the pioneer when it comes to the world of nutrition and human health. He wrote the best selling book The China Study and offers a recipe index full of whole, plant-based foods to choose from.

13) Fatfree Vegan Recipes - Susan Voisin has a very large collection of over 1,400 oil-free, margarine-free plant-based recipes on this site. Some are user submitted but many are her own. She has everything covered from appetizers to sandwiches to desserts and anything in between. Click away! It'll be well worth your visit.

14) Vegan Diet Guy - The Vegan Diet Guy is certified in plant-based nutrition through Dr. T. Colin Campbell's course. He focuses on health promoting vegan recipes with little to no added oils. He even has recipes for whole grain breads.

15) Happy Healthy Long Life - The Healthy Librarian runs this site and has been a librarian for over 40 years. She is a big fan of Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr. and provides a number of no added fat plant-based recipes to help people improve their health.

16) My Plant-Based Family - Holly Yzquierdo is the founder of her whole foods, plant-based blog with meal plans and recipes for everyone to enjoy. Holly specializes in no-oil, gluten-free, and allergy-friendly recipes.

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  1. Hello Dustin! What a nice surprise to find Happy Healthy Long Life on your list of favorite sources for plant-based recipes! I'm honored to be included on this list that includes many of my own personal favorite recipe sites--and to learn about a couple that are new to me. I didn't know you were blogging--but now that I do, I will be adding you to my list of go-to blogs that I regularly check in with! Appreciate hearing the perspective of a plant-based Pharm D! You bring a lot of knowledge to the subject!

  2. Thanks so much for including me in your list! A really great list indeed!

  3. Hi Dustin, Great list and site! Thanks for including Straight Up Food! ;-)

  4. I also love you should check it out...a physician mentored and coached by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn due to his passion for health, welllness and the desire to eradicate heart disease, type II diabetes, obesity and so much more!!

    Thanks for these other resources.

  5. Hi,
    I have reversed diabetes and some other awful health conditions eating just these kinds of foods. I have my employer and McDougall to thank. Check out my story on my blog. There are a bunch of original recipes there as well. Cheers, benjamin

  6. Dear Dustin
    Thank you for including among such prestigious company. I wish you continued success with your new site. I am working on an authoritative post about Vitamin B12 supplements and would be much appreciative if you could address a few questions.

    1. Happy to have your site on the list and thank you for making it available to the world. You can email me at on the B12 questions. I'd be happy to address them.

  7. Two tips that I learned the hard way is to make sure that the fruit is perfectly ripe before you dig in. If it’s under ripe you will not be-able to enjoy it because it’ll be sticky and not flavorful any recipe. raw food recipes


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