Wednesday, April 27, 2011

EarthSave's "Meals For Health" Program - Changing The Lives Of Those In Need

America is living in a state of emergency when it comes to our overall health.  This heartbreaking picture can be seen in some of the startling statistics that reveal the rates of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer just to name a few of the chronic diseases we see here in the U.S.

As a matter of fact, cardiovascular disease takes the life of an individual every 38 seconds in our country [1].  Diabetes is no better as a little over 5,200 people are diagnosed with this disease every single day in America, and this only includes those over the age of 20 who are diagnosed with diabetes [2].  And lastly, according to estimates from the American Cancer Society roughly 65 people die every hour from a cancer related death in the U.S. [3]  These painful statistics are even worse for those individuals and families who live in poverty.  But there is hope.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Music To Soothe The Soul

You just reached the end to what has to have been one of the worst days of your life and the stress of it all has you at your wits end!  You need something to go from frantic and frazzled to calm and relaxed.  But what do you do?  Since a quick trip to your favorite tropical island isn't exactly in order why not try music.  That's right, if you're like the rest of the 6+ billion people on this earth then you know the pure happiness that can come from the perfect song.  It makes your troubles just float away like they never existed and that's exactly what you need to put all those struggles behind you.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Growing Old Wrinkle Free

Oh no!  What's that staring you back as you look into the mirror this morning?  It couldn't be yet another tiny crinkle in your forehead determined to push you into senility could it?!  Wrinkles... the one thing that nobody wants more of especially in our modern day culture.  But is there anything we can do about it?  Why don't we find out as we turn you into an expert on the topic of wrinkles and how to prevent them.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Food Industry - Behind The Scenes With Robin O'Brien

It's funny how something so simple in life can lead to such a huge change for that person.  And it's even more incredible when that simple event ends up having a profound impact on hundreds, if not thousands, of other people.  That's exactly what an ordinary breakfast of Eggo waffles, scrambled eggs, and a tube of blue yogurt did for Robin O'Brien and her family.

That breakfast turned into an urgent trip to their pediatrician's office as Robin's youngest child had an allergic reaction to the food she ate that morning.  This event completely changed not only the lives of Robin and her family but also the lives of countless numbers of other parents and their children as the truth behind our food industry was about to be unveiled.