Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Getting Juiced! Day 4

I had some of the best sleep yet last night while on my 7 day liquid fasting challenge.  I feel great this morning - no headache, no food cravings, and lots of energy!  I hope this keeps up throughout the day.  Late afternoons and evenings are always the worst.  That's when the hunger and cravings set in.

Day 4


Cantaloupe, Mango, and Tangelo Juice
-  1/2 cantaloupe
-  1 mango
-  1 tangelo

The bricks and mortar...

The final results...

This juice was a nice way to start off the day.  I can't say I've ever drank my cantaloupe before.  That's an interesting experience to say the least.  It did overpower the drink as well.  I love mango but could barely taste a hint of it which I was a little bummed about.  But all in all a refreshing start to the day!

I also got to sneak in 30 minutes of yoga stretching before I headed off to work this morning.  What a great way to stretch out the back and get loosened up.  I'm definitely ready for whatever the day brings my way.


Mean Green Juice
-  1/2 cucumber
-  4 celery stalks
-  2 handfuls kale
-  2 green apples
-  1/2 lemon
-  1 piece ginger (thumbsize)

Before pic...

After pic...

This green drink was actually decent for a change.  I was pleasantly surprised as I took my lunch break at work to drink something this green that actually felt refreshing.  I'd definitely recommend it for those of you looking for a nutrient packed juice.  Only thing I might have added to the original recipe would be a couple of handfuls of spinach to add more phytonutrients to the mix.


Strawberry, Banana, and Greens Smoothie
-  2 cups frozen strawberries
-  1 frozen banana
-  1 large handful collard greens
-  1 1/2 cups almond milk

I doubled the strawberries and almond milk from the original recipe for this concoction.  Even though it looks like the chocolate smoothie I had on day 1 don't be fooled by the brown color.  There was no cocoa powder added to this.  The partially brown frozen banana and collards made this turn from a pinkish/reddish color due to the strawberries to what you see.  I feel like I put too many collards in it because it overpowered the smoothie and made it a little less desirable even though it increased its nutritional content.  Not terrible though and I was happy to have a nice filling supper out of this drink.

Day 4 can be wrapped up as what I would consider my best day yet!  I had the least amount of hunger cravings since I've started fasting.  However, I still admit that this is a challenge none the less.  To get through another day with no solid food is no walk in the park.  For me, I find the mental part of not eating much more difficult than the physical part.  I don't know how Joe Cross and Phil (two men from Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead) made it for 60 days just juicing.  I find that having at least one smoothie a day keeps me somewhat satisfied.  Those two men really pulled off one hell of a feat (pardon me french *smile*).  I admire their accomplishments and commend them for making it a full two months.  Amazing!

I'm finally over the hump... the end of day 4 now puts me past the half way point.  I'm feeling great and things are getting better!  I'm just wondering what day 5 has in store for me tomorrow?  Will I have another enjoyable repeat of day 4 or back to the trials and tribulations of day 3?

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