Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Healing and Recovery After Cult Life - INNER COURSE - Book Review

Author Rebecca Joy

Born and raised into a cult, Rebecca Joy experienced anything BUT a joyful childhood. Her days were filled with the endless onslaught of degrading demands as cult leaders forced her to carry out the 'work of God', or so they called it. She was told she was one of the lucky ones. She had been "chosen" to be one of the Lord's witnesses to bring people to Christ.

"The Children of God" or "The Family" is nothing more than a religious sex cult, using Christian missionary work as a front to hide the abhorrent lifestyle and conditions leaders subject their members to. Rebecca was of no exception to this. Self-worth and self-love were seen as workings of the devil inside the cult, and nobody (with the exception of cult founder David Berg) was allowed to claim any credit for doing anything good by their deeds. Women were especially demeaned and degraded, brainwashed into thinking that their primary purpose in life was to please the sexual desires of men. You simply did not say no if you were a female.

Rebecca shares the incredible story of living in "The Family", leaving after 25 years, and then trying to find herself in her memoir INNER COURSE. Her story is not one seeking self-pity. Rather, it is one of inspiration and hope. Rebecca Joy is a winner in life! The cult may have attempted to rob her of her self-worth, leaving her heart shattered and broken into a tiny million pieces, but it did not take from her the most innate and cherished desire of all human beings—a desire to love and to be loved, to find happiness in life and all that it has to offer.

Rebecca masterfully weaves the reader in and out of the treacherous conditions of cult life, the trials and tribulations of post-cult life, and finally through her improbable road to recovery, finding answers to her emotional suffering in the ancient, healing properties of hypnosis. No longer would she be a prisoner to the feeling that she was unlovable. This world would have different plans for her.

Rebecca's decision to leave the cult was a hard-learned lesson, but the lessons she imparts on readers will last a lifetime. This is what I appreciate most about her book. I learned all over again what it means to be alive. I learned what it means to be human, to fail, to experience betrayal, and to lose all hope in humanity only to hold on to the glimmer of a possibility that life can and will get better someday. We all experience defeat and despair in life, and it's easy to get wrapped up in the moment. But quite often our difficulties pale in comparison to others. Rebecca's story serves to remind us all that what's important in life cannot be measured on paper or seen by the naked eye. It can only be felt in our hearts and in our minds as this gift we call love is spread from one human being to another.

INNER COURSE: My Journey Out of Cultism Into Freedom is available to order as an ebook or paperback HERE. If you don't have a Kindle and would still like to read Rebecca's book then download the free Kindle reading app to use on your smartphone, laptop, desktop, or tablet.

You can read the first chapter of INNER COURSE by visiting Rebecca Joy's website.

You can also check out Rebecca's YouTube channel for her latest videos and updates.

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