Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How To Make Meditation A Habit

by guest blogger Brandon Mercury
Meditation is a wonderful practice to help the body and the mind relax and re-center. Those who participate in daily meditation find that their minds are clearer and their muscles more relaxed. The benefits of meditation are many, including reduced mental clutter that often occupies our minds in a world of stress. Daily meditation has physical, spiritual and emotional benefits that help us to live happy, productive lives.
Meditation is a process used to bring clarity to the mind.  Regular everyday stimuli are unhealthy for us if we don't learn how to silence the noise from time to time. By using meditation to concentrate and clear your mind of distractions, you will find yourself being more focused and productive.
It’s important to experience daily meditation, but how do you get in the habit of meditation every day? You know there are important benefits to your health, but making the time for meditation isn’t always easy. Make meditation a part of your life with these tips.

1.  Practice at the same time, every day. The first thing you need to do to implement meditation in your life is to get into a routine. Meditate at the same time every day. Many people find it best to meditate first thing in the morning. Get right up out of bed and start your meditation to get your day started right. Even just 15 minutes of meditation will have positive benefits.
2.  Schedule an appointment. Just like you would a business meeting, schedule the time to meditate. Make an appointment to take a few minutes for yourself to clear your mind – and keep that appointment. Don’t let any other meetings or obligations get in the way. 
3.  Make it formal. You need to make your meditation formal in order to get the most benefits. Clear a space in your home that is quiet and free of distractions. Go here every day to meditate. Breathing when you’re in line at the grocery store or taking a quick break to refresh at the office are good things to do, but you can’t count that time as formal meditation.
4.  Start small. If all you have is 15 minutes, then start with 15 minutes. You can gradually ease yourself into longer meditation periods.
5.  Make a commitment. Commit to yourself that you will make mediation a habit. Force yourself to keep the commitment and remind yourself of the many cleansing benefits of daily meditation.
6.  Just do it. The easiest way to get into the habit of something is to just do it. Force yourself to meditate every day, even if you think you don’t have time. A habit is formed in 21 days, so after just three weeks you won’t have to force yourself to mediate – it will become a habit. 
Once you start the daily practice of meditation, it won’t be long until you are seeing the incredible benefits and results. Once the results manifest in your life, you’ll soon be willing to make the time each day to mediate and rejuvenate your mind. Give meditation a try for 21 days to see the positive benefits for yourself. 

Brandon Mercury is a writer for YourLocalSecurity.com and a contributor to the InGoodMeasure blog. He enjoys writing about wellness and home improvement.

photo credit: Ace (sxc.hu)

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