Monday, February 20, 2012

Functional Medicine - The Future Is Now In 21st Century Medicine

Dr. Mark Hyman isn't one of those doctors who's eager to pass out pills and procedures like candy when patients come to see him for their medical problems. He doesn't care about "labeling" a set of symptoms just so people can finally put a name to whatever they're suffering from. He wants to do more than just this.

He wants to get to the root cause of his patient's problems. Instead of taking a backwards approach to treating diseases by throwing more drugs at them he takes a forward thinking approach of finding the underlying cause of these diseases and then targets those issues to better the lives of his patients. He practices what is known as Functional Medicine and hopes to help both patients and doctors view health and disease from a different perspective. This perspective focuses on long term solutions instead of short term relief from a medicine cabinet full of prescriptions.

He shares his personal story of discovering this new vision of what healthcare should look like in his speech at TEDMED 2010. His insights into the management of the emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing of a human being gives hope that one day our current medical system may finally realize that our conventional ways of compartmentalized thinking are outdated and in need of a major overhaul. The body is a whole system of interconnected parts that all affect one another. More pills are not the answer. More understanding and knowledge about this systemic approach is.

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by Dustin Rudolph, PharmD
Clinical Pharmacist

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  1. Functional medicine provides a means to improve our health. As with many other aspects of the western medical model of care - economics drives policy. Perhaps this exposure thru TEDMED will enlighten more health care providers to implement true HEALTH CARE. Thanks for sharing.

    Nina Keegan
    Nurse Practitioner

  2. All Dr. Hymans' "UltraWellness lessons should be placed in the order there were written so, one can see them from the first - last lesson. This can defintely help an Senior, who forgets, to read & learn all the step inorder. Just My Personal Opinion!U b bless.


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