Thursday, June 30, 2011

Michelle, it's time to tell the world about "meat & dairy."

Dear Michelle,
I love what you're trying to do regarding the health of the children. I am just wondering when you think you might be ready to tell the world the truth about the "low-fat dairy" and "healthier meats" that you mention in your Forward Motion article in the Amtrak magazine? If you want to achieve your "one big goal to end the epidemic of childhood obesity in a generation," you're going to need to tell their parents exactly what they should feed those children -- and exactly what they should not be feeding them.
I also like what you say about the "salad bars and more fruits & vegetables," but when are you going to tell the citizens of America what they deserve to know about our food supply? For example, when are you going to tell the world that the casein in cow's milk is a carcinogen?

Michelle tossing an apple on the cover of the "Arrive" magazine on Amtrak this month
From your article, it appears that you may not have read The China Study, and may not yet be aware of our harmful, wasteful and unsustainable diet-style of meat and dairy three meals a day. It is admirable that you are promoting better school lunches and healthier foods in WalMart; yet at the same time, you say nothing at all in your article about the harmful meat and dairy products that are promoting cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes and driving our outrageously high cost of health care.

I know it would be nearly impossible for a sitting President of The United States to take a stand against the mighty meat and dairy lobbies; but you're not the president. However; as first lady, your ability to influence the world is perhaps even greater than the president's on this topic -- an ability to help the children, help America and help the rest of the western world move back toward the natural diet for our species.
Speaking of health for the children, my friend Dr. Colin Campbell wrote The China Study at the urging of his wife Karen; who said that he must tell his story "for the children of the world." So he did just that in January of 2005, and that "story" has changed millions of lives -- children and adults -- in America and beyond.

Michelle Obama seems to have the ear of the former president in this picture; just think what they could accomplish if they teamed up to tell the world the truth about nutrition.
One of those "lives" was a former resident of your house, President William Jefferson Clinton; who read The China Study last year and has heeded its advice. He announced in September of 2010 on CNN with Wolf Blitzer that he had adopted a plant-based diet-style in order to enable his body to heal itself.
In the same session, he also announced that he was no longer eating any meat or dairy and that he would very rarely have a piece of fish.
For a former president of The United States to make such a powerful public announcement is incredible; particularly in a country whose entire health "system" is delivering nutritional advice to the public that is counter to the diet-style that he has chosen for himself.
How great would it be if you and Mr. Clinton got together soon for a long lunch meeting, making sure that you readThe China Study beforehand? How great would it be for you and the former president to have a dialog on the "truth" about nutrition that he has applied to his own life -- and the responsibility of those in power to share that complete truth with the innocent and unsuspecting public?
Millions of lives are lost each year in this country simply because we are eating the wrong food for our species. How many millions of kids' "futures" depend on what you tell their parents? The world is ready to listen Ms. First Lady, please take your uncanny influence to the next level and do the right thing -- Mr. Clinton will probably be willing to lend a gigantic hand to your noble efforts.

J. Morris Hicks, "the big picture guy" promoting health, hope and harmony on planet Earth -- simply by returning to the natural diet for our species.
Worried that your actions might cost your husband his 2012 re-election bid? What is more important, him being president for four more years -- or saving the children? Maybe it's time to put the health and welfare of the children ahead of politics.
You've got the global stage for at least the next 18 months -- don't let this opportunity pass. You are in a position to make a HUGE difference. I am praying that you will. Like you said in the very beginning of your Amtrak article:
Let's give our children the happy, healthy futures they deserve. That's what keeps me moving every single day.
Thanks for listening and Gob bless you for what you are trying to do. Sincerely,
—J. Morris Hicks…blogging daily at
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  1. Right on! Imagine if Bill and Michelle teamed up. They would have to redo the USDA's myplate to resemble the PCRM's power plate!


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