Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Healing and Recovery After Cult Life - INNER COURSE - Book Review

Author Rebecca Joy

Born and raised into a cult, Rebecca Joy experienced anything BUT a joyful childhood. Her days were filled with the endless onslaught of degrading demands as cult leaders forced her to carry out the 'work of God', or so they called it. She was told she was one of the lucky ones. She had been "chosen" to be one of the Lord's witnesses to bring people to Christ.

"The Children of God" or "The Family" is nothing more than a religious sex cult, using Christian missionary work as a front to hide the abhorrent lifestyle and conditions leaders subject their members to. Rebecca was of no exception to this. Self-worth and self-love were seen as workings of the devil inside the cult, and nobody (with the exception of cult founder David Berg) was allowed to claim any credit for doing anything good by their deeds. Women were especially demeaned and degraded, brainwashed into thinking that their primary purpose in life was to please the sexual desires of men. You simply did not say no if you were a female.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Kitchen Culinary For The Healthy Life - Gadgets Every Plant-Based Foodie Must Have

At the time I started my transition to a healthier, plant-based lifestyle back in 2009 there were really only two key items I couldn’t live without—a pizza stone and an oversized cereal bowl. Tombstone® pizzas, Cocoa Pebbles, and Marie Callender’s® frozen dinners were pretty much the norm for me. I didn’t need a lot of kitchenware at my disposal because of this, and so I stuck to the basics of bachelorhood. While I still use my pizza stone and cereal bowl today, I’ve found that a few modern-day kitchen appliances make living a plant-based lifestyle much easier. Today I’ll show you how to save time and energy by stocking your kitchen with the essentials to make your transition to this healthier lifestyle much easier. Remember, spend only what you can afford, prioritize your needs as you proceed forward, and keep a wish list for everything else.

Must Have Kitchen Appliances

There are a few kitchen tools/appliances that are on my must have list when it comes to successfully adopting a plant-based diet. Yours may be different and that’s ok. My list includes a blender, a chef’s knife, a quality cutting board, and a nice line of cookware.